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Anonymous asked : stay strong :)

Thank you anon, this is all I could really ask for right now :)

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I’m leaving guys.

I know I’ve been on a hiatus since… well, forever. Honestly, I’ve completely had enough with all this unnecessary and just plain hurtful anon hate I keep getting.  When I checked this blog a few days ago, I saw eleven unread messages. At first I was super excited, I mean who wouldn’t be right? But I checked and the majority of the messages condemned me for my personal posts on my depression.

I just want to say that I am not deleting this blog. I am just merely abandoning it for now. I know in the past I’ve tried leaving but always come back but this time I changed it. I knew that I could never leave Tumblr (I’m never getting out) so I had created a new blog (permanently this time) and I am officially moving over there. I’ve attempted to hold a secret identity so that I could start anew and maybe be happy. 

Thank you to everyone. I love you all so much. It’s really funny because I’ve done this so many times that I’ve just run out of things to say. Thank you to my friends who have just made me so happy, thank you to my 954 followers (even though I didn’t reach 1000, I still am so happy that every one of you stuck by me through my tough times), and thank you to the haters who, although might have made me feel bad about myself, taught me lessons of kindness and respect. 

This might be strange but I really chose today to leave officially because it’s my blog’s one year anniversary. *confetti* It felt somewhat sentimental for me to do it today. Anyway, if you’ve known me in years past, I’m the most fickle person in the world and I will never stick to one thing. EVER.

Okay for the last thing, I’m going to entrust my new URL to you guys. I feel so bad that you guys talked to me under my alias and I couldn’t tell you who I really was. I gave a hint before if anyone saw it. It was “Draco’s mom + S”. So to break it down, Draco’s mom is Narcissa Malfoy, and add an S at the end. So narcissamalfoys

Feel free to follow me there hahah. No, actually. I would totally understand if you didn’t follow me there and still unfollowed me here. Anyway, I won’t be checking this blog probably ever again. So this is a final farewell. Thank you all so much for a great year and I love you all ♥

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